Ring app in swipe mode showing a black preview on iphone

On the iphone when in swipe mode the ring app shows a black Preview and Its hard to see. It doesn’t affect functionality but it is hard to see.

I’ve included a screenshot.
Maybe there could be a fix for this?
Thank you.

Hi @user65538. If possible, can you share a short screen recording showing what actions lead up to this black screen? Additionally, when you say “swipe mode”, are you referring to the Reachability setting under Accessibility > Touch in the iOS settings?

I’m not sure if this is the same issue. I updated the ring app this morning and I can no longer see the previews. I just get a black line where the picture would be. I still get the option to snooze motion for 30 minutes or one hour. (Since the update, I can’t change the notification sounds either). I am on iOS 17.1. My wife hasn’t updated her app and everything is working properly for her.

The issue I was having was resolved after I updated to iOS 17.1.1 last night.

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Hi @SWil7. Thanks for sharing that an app update resolved this for you! :slight_smile:

Sorry if my reply comes so late.
I hope the video is self explanatory.
Thank you again.

Hi @user65538. Thank you for sharing this video. I can certainly forward this feedback to the appropriate team.

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