Ring App has big problems -- get rid of ads and in-app badging. Tired of seeing red!

Does anyone have an actual solution to get rid of the forced viewing of hardware products or features. I just don’t want red all over my app, the inability to clear notifications is really bothersome. Long version below…

New to Ring, and so far pretty disappointed and frustrated with everything about the system. I have a google nest hello and simplisafe at my house, and they have both been relatively intuitive to use. My parents recently got a house with a Ring system and I was given the job of setting it up. Boy was I not expecting what a hassle it would be, or how cluttered and confusing the app would be.

Biggest issues:

  1. having to dig around in the app to see anything other than the cameras.
  2. setting up new devices took forever, and I had to get help from someone more technically minded (and I’m reasonably savvy myself).
  3. The red dots and numbers all over the app that I can’t get rid of.

Actually now that I’m through the setup, probably #3 is the worst. I have tried other suggestions to look at every product and feature to remove all the red numbers in the side menu, but I couldn’t remove the last two. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and they all returned! Now they won’t go away at all! This is so, so frustrating. Every time I open the app it bothers me, and at this point I would never recommend anyone get a ring system.

However, if anyone has an actual solution to the red notices all over the app for ads and features I want nothing to do with, please tell me! I’m using an Android phone.

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