Ring App going off and detecting motion even when motion is turned off in settings


I have just installed the Ring App. The motion detector keeps going off even though there is a) no one there and b) even though I have gone into Disarm mode and switched motion and live video off. It is really frustrating.

I have Ring Doorbell Pro… and also it does not make the indoor plug ring socket work. And there’s a delay. I just pressed the button and got a notification about 10 seconds later on my phone, but not the Ring socket which is flashing but no noise.

In all honesty it’s useless for just being a doorbell!!! And I can’t even get any support.

Hi @emma12345. What are you referencing when talking about the Ring socket? Are you talking about the Chime or Chime Pro? Please ensure that under Devices in your app that the Chime or Chime Pro is setup, as you will need to make sure it’s set up in the app in order to have it ring when motion is detected or the Doorbell is rung. Since you said it’s flashing, this is why I’m thinking it may not be set up in your account yet.

In reference to your Doorbell, please double check under Settings > Modes that you have the Disarm mode configured to how you would like it, and feel free to show us a screenshot of how you have it set up as well! From there, toggle between Modes (go to Home and then back to Disarm) and test to make sure you cannot go into the Live View and that you cannot trip it for motion detection! :slight_smile: