Ring app freezing lagging during playback and pause

Since the most recent Ring app update (5.70.0), I’ve noticed there is a delay when pressing play or pausing on events within the app. I press pause but the event still plays 2-3 seconds. It also lags when rewinding events too/watching events back.

I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and I have tested it on an iPhone 8plus and an iPad (2021), same issue.

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Hi @CYoung. Try rebooting your phone and close out any apps that might be running in the background. I just attempted to replicate this on my iPhone and was unable to have the same experience.

Same problem with jumping videos, lag and some pixilation on both an iPhone and iPad with this latest version, 5.70.0. Both devices are shut down regularly.

Hi @Mike55. Test out the Ring app on each device using wifi only and cellular data only. This can help narrow down if the problem is related to a particular connection or not. Additionally, make sure the operating software is updated on the iPhone and iPad.

I’ve tested using both cellular data and WIFI. Both of my Apple devices are on the latest operating systems.
This problem occurred with the latest Ring update, immediately after the update was installed. This problem is frustrating and is a problem with the application not the users hardware.
To be clear, this problem is only occurring during use with the timeline view on each camera.

@Mike55 Thank you for clarifying that this is related specifically to the Event History Timeline. Do videos load without issue from the Event History tab, as opposed to the timeline? If possible, please also share a short video recording of the issues you’re seeing with the timeline. Lastly, which model of iPhone and iPad do you have, and what is the OS for each?

My Apple Devices are iPad Pro 11 and iPhone XR, both on iOS 17.4
Attached is a screen video of the problem. I use the Timeline View primarily and have since it was first introduced, over the History View to quickly scroll through events to see what had triggered motion.

I generally only use History if an event requires more detail. I have not experienced a problem using History in this latest version.

The Timeline View upon initial load seems to miss many frames, appearing to jump further into the video, causing me to scroll back many times to try and view the object causing the detection.

Doing this back scrolling is probably making the problem seem worse. This problem was never experienced until this latest Ring version, 5.70.0

I just now tried to upload the video capture and it is not allowed. It is a .mov file.


@Mike55 If you can convert the video file to an .mp4, it should allow you to upload it here. You can also upload the video on a video hosting site, such as YouTube, and then share the link here.

The latest Ring version, 5.70.1 installed yesterday corrected the problem.

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@Mike55 Thanks for that update, I’m glad to hear the problem has been resolved with Ring app version 5.70.1. If you notice the problem arises again, feel free to let us know, or you can get in touch with our support team at one of the numbers here. :slight_smile:

I’ve found when scrolling through the Timeline view on any of my cameras on both my iPhone and iPad, that the video jumps many frames ahead missing activity.

When trying to scroll back to examine the event, the video freezes and tries to load. This occurred after the installation of version 5.70.0 and hasn’t changed with the latest version, 5.70.1.

After installing the latest Ring version, I initially thought the problem had been corrected, although it has not.
iPad 11pro, iPhone XR, both on iOS 17.4.1

Hi @Mike55. I’ve moved your new post back to the original thread where we were addressing this concern. In order to investigate any further, my team does need an example of the playback issues you’re experiencing. You can upload a screen recording of this behavior to a platform like YouTube and share it here.


The above “Ring” link has two examples the problem.

Hi @Mike55. Thank you for the examples. Our team is looking into the concern now, and when I have an update, I will make sure to provide it here.

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