Ring App for Windows history playback

I’m using Ring App for windows on a Windows 10 computer. App Version is 2.5.4-store (X64)

While playing back History of past recordings, the program would eventually stop the ability to view after about 15 replaying times. I would get the wait animation circle on play back and stay that way for a long time. I would have to close the program and start it again.

I have tried with uninstall and install with no luck.

Hi @eKit! It looks like you are running the latest version there. Try logging in at Ring.com via web browser to test viewing recordings through the web interface on that computer.

Removing and reinstalling was a great step to try. Please also check for any programs that are open, or running in the background, the might interfere with processing the Ring app. If your Windows machine allows for an ethernet connection, it’s worth trying this again while connected to ethernet to see if this still occurs. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Ring.com is working. I didn’t have the problem.

App updated to 2.5.8-store (X64), but it still stops at 15 replays.

I tried it on a different Windows 10 computer, it is working. There must be something on this computer that is interfering with the app.

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