Ring App for Mac Crashes

My Ring App for OSx began crashing, possibly after an OSx upgrade. Currently running Mac OS Catalina V 10.15.7. Ring app V 2.8.2 (808)

Note that Ring functioned correctly for months after the initial install. Ring seems to crash every time I use the Lock Screen app, or close the lid on my Mac.

I may see a pop-up for the alert, but the camera view does not open, and when I click on the minimized app, I see “not responding”. Then I have to force quit, reopen Ring, and by they I’ve missed the alert video, have to wait, and then open the event.

I have two Ring devices, a floodlight cam and a doorbell cam.

I found a recommended solution online to delete the old Ring app, reboot, then download and reinstall Ring. I’ve done this multiple times without success.