Ring App displays False Linked Account - Ring won't Remove

RING APP and More

Many, too many Security Flaws and ‘Glitches’ with the Ring app which were brought repeatedly over months to Ring Technicians and Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff.

Jamie’s Team were either unable or unwilling to Fix many of the numerous Flaws and Security Vulnerabilities with the Ring app. Which were carefully and clearly identified and with many screenshots supplied and verbal explanations too.

I was very patient and cordial. However, when does one lose patience with Ring Support that basically doesn’t Support the Ring products and the Ring Customer?

Read through the Ring Community forums and you may experience similar long standing issues with the Ring app and other Ring products that have not been fully addressed by Ring ‘Support’(?), and without fixing those numerous issues identified by Ring Customers. You be the Judge, it’s Your money.

Any reasonable person and Ring Customer might wonder if Ring Support efforts ended the day the Customer made their purchase of a Ring product?
What a pity.

  • Faults and Security Vulnerabilities of Ring app: *

° {Sound familiar Ring Customers?}

• Sadly when a User clicks to the Ring App’s notification’s video- it often isn’t there. Only Live View. Then the Ring app doesn’t provide the User with the video from the Live Notification until much later. So what triggered the Notification is not readily available for viewing in real time. A major security flaw.

• Additionally when the Ring doorbell is pushed, the Ring app Video and audio are delayed by several minutes. This issue has been repeatedly identified on the Ring Community forum, apparently without Ring Support addressing and correcting these issues and flaws with the Ring app.
-This security flaw with the Ring app is Preventing direct observations and communications with the Guest(?) at your door.

•Similar security flaws with the Ring app when a User is unable to immediately see and review what triggered the Notification or apparently interact with those at your door. A safety feature

•Additionally as previously noted before that when one clicks to go to a Live Notification video, the App often displays the Rotated device view on my Android phone, and with no X to go back to the Ring App.

  • A User Must turn off the device screen and restart to return to regular heads up view on the mobile device. Very convenient for the Ring Users don’t you think?

• Further, often when in the Control Center viewing a section and attempting to go back to the Control Center, the app defaults instead to the Dashboard view.

• Additionally, no change with the App claiming ‘Neighborhood’ as Off in the Control Center in the app and Online, when it is actually still On and registering, in my case the ‘16XX Ixxxxd Dr., Reno’ address in Settings/ Invite Friends/Reno.

  • When one clicks on that address the pop-up states that it is Authorized and Linked to one or more Ring accounts- NOT!

• this providing an Unauthorized ‘Neighborhood User’ to view your Private information and more.

• Despite the Ring app Control Center indicating “You have No linked accounts.” Plus I have personally not Linked absolutely Anybody to my Ring account.

Ring Support has to date Refused to remove this unauthorized access to my Ring account from my Ring account. Why?

If there is anyone in this Ring Community that can address and Solve the numerous issues identified, their efforts would be appreciated by myself and many Ring product Customers, thank you.

Sorry to hear about this experience, neighbor. For an in-depth support request like this, reaching out to our support team is the best way to resolve your concerns quickly and all at once. As you’ve reached out before, they can certainly escalate your matter to the appropriate team.

While the Ring Community is a public neighbor to neighbor forum, we are always happy to provide suggestions and guidance; our neighbors and Community team members alike. Much of your concerns listed were related to video, audio, notifications, and quick app usage. Other than looking through the many topics in the Community, specifically threads with solutions and many steps, I recommend trying our Rapid Ring app. The Rapid Ring app is designed for the quickest access to live view. Your recorded videos should always play, however, connection related factors can impact this.

Please check on the following:

  • Your Ring app device health RSSI reading.
  • Ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your mobile device.
  • Check for any android apps that conflict with the Ring app.
  • Confirm your subscription status for your devices is set to cover the desired devices.

In regards to the Neighbors by Ring app address, check out this Community post where neighbors discuss what steps worked for them. You’ll see a solution by an android user, and suggestions that works for others.

For further assistance with any of the above, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.