Ring App dials on phone

Hi all

I have a strange issue. Whilst parked up waiting for someone yesterday, I checked my camera via theapp. At the time, my phone was connected to my hands free system in my car. The phone proceeded to make a call to my own number - obviously did not ring. I tried this a couple of times.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening and how to stop it?


Hey @Colourqueen , thank you for sharing your experience with the Community! With Ring Doorbells and Cams, being Wifi enabled devices, it is possible that there was some interference between your mobile phone’s bluetooth and connecting to video in the Ring app. We recommend disabling bluetooth prior to streaming an event, for the best experience and optimal connection. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply.

The hands free in the car connects by bluetooth so that will be the reason for the issue.

I tested it today and the app was fine when the phone was disconnected from the hands-free but as soon as it was connected in the car, it dialled when I accessed the camera.

It is not a show stopper as I certainly would not be looking at the camera whilst driving - though a passenger could!

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Thank you for your feedback!

That didn’t work on my android and I am sitting about 5 feet from my Ring Doorbell. When my cellphone is connected to wifi it works great. It used to work both ways with and without wifi on phone before the firmware updates. Basically, when I try to connect to any of my cameras live view without my phone being connected to wifi and my bluetooth turned off it still will not connect. Can I get some other solution to this? Thanks

Hey @Geezy! With Ring Doorbells and Cams being wifi enabled devices, it is possible that bluetooth can interfere with video streaming for a variety of reasons such as a bluetooth device trying to connect, or an app that uses bluetooth conflicting with the processing on your mobile device. We recommend disabling bluetooth prior to streaming an event, for the best experience and optimal connection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

From looking at this forum that is a canned response. Why did it work before firmware updates with Bluetooth on. I need a different answer or it might be time to make a switch. Thank you


This is horrible! IT IS A DEAL BREAKER. You need to get the app working correctly and not have it go through BLUETOOTH. It’s really ridiculous that you can’t figure out how to make a decent app.


No, I do not like your answer. Your proposed workaround is not acceptable. Please fix this problem.


This is ridiculous! I have 3 cameras and I can’t check them without my phone being connected to wifi! It work fine before the firmware updates! I’m with you Deal Breaker!


Not solved !!!

i have the same issue and have had various mails to and from ring about this and clearly the tech guys there dont read this information.

it not as easy as just turning of bluetooth as most people only have one phone… this will be connected to the car kit via bluetooth as thats how its used (legally too), someone rings my doorbell , by the time ive turned off bluetooth they have gone ! Therefore no point in having a ring doorbell…

more the point i dont see the need for bluetooth for ring to work anyway… how and where and for what reason would you need bluetooth to use the ring app? …

furthermore this wasnt a problem a few updates ago but is now … incidently on more than one phone and 2 different cars.

isnt it as simple as taking the bluetooth facility away from the ring app as there is no use for it…

p.s please share this with the rest of your tech support as clearly it isnt at the moment.


I’m having the same issue. This really is unfortunate that ring is not offering a solution. When I use my app in my car it takes over my phone bluetooth. This is a deal breaker. I’ll be sending back my cameras within the 30 day return policy.

I’m having the same issue. I just installed ring and thought I was doing something wrong. I’m really dishearted to see this issue has been happening for over 8 months with no resolution offered by ring. But every time I use my app my phone dials myself while in my car. It hijacks my bluetooth. I also noticed it while wearing a bluetooth headset in house. Why is bluetooth being hijacked by Ring app?

The issue is with the Ring app using the microphone when viewing live video. I just cleared the Ring app cache and all storage then went back to the app and logged in while in my car connected to Bluetooth then touched a camera to view video and the app did not make a call until after I allowed audio access to the microphone. The app developers have linked the audio ability to speak through your phone to the camera and somehow use a phone number in your contacts to make a call to link it instead of going directly over WiFi or your phones data connection to send and receive audio to and from the camera. If you deny access to audio it will not dial a call and it will not provide live video, all you will see are past recordings. I’ve experienced this problem since I purchased my Ring cameras in 2017. This issue is long overdue for a resolution.

This sucks.

i am having the same issue as @Coulorqueen. when i check my ring app in my 2020 ford truck with Sync 3 my truck want to call my phone number. turning off bluetooth is not a fix. its a bandaid. please advise on a solution. i pay $100 a year for this service to work without bugs

I can’t believe over a year later and still the same issue? I just got a ring doorbell. I am having the same issue, I have v-tech home phones that connect to my cell via bluetooth as well, check live on the RING and it just keeps trying to dial my own phone number while I watch live, same in my Honda, continually attempts to call my own phone number. The solution of turning off bluetooth prior to checking live, is RIDICULOUS. Do the techs at RING have any technical background? That’s like going to the doctor for pain and all he tells you is to not do what causes the pain, instead of investigating and solving the ACTUAL issue. Yet, in this instance, RING is the cause of the issue.
My phone is the Samsung S9, not sure if it’s an Android compatibility problem, as my brother has no issues with his iPhone, but it’s ridiculous and as someone else said, a possible deal breaker, may look into Nest or Wyze…

NOT SOLVED!! This an unacceptable solution. The purpose of having Bluetooth available in cars to provide audio with connected devices. Fix the app so it doesn’t use Bluetooth and rely on the cellular network that has bandwidth to provide both audio and video. When I use other smart home apps in my home they don’t ring my phone.