Ring App Dashboard Slow To Load After Adding MyQ Garage Tile

After I added the MyQ Garage tile to the Ring dashboard within the mobile app (Android). I noticed that it’s always very slow to load. Whenever you open the app the dashboard section just spins and says “This is taking longer than expected…”.

It loads eventually but this doesn’t appear to be normal.

Anyone else with MyQ Garage tile notice the same thing?

Hey there, @JetRocket11! The MyQ tile addition should not slow down your Ring app. I recommend closing any other apps in the background other than Ring and MyQ, as well as ensuring vpn is disabled. Try also on wifi only, or cellular data only, to see if one connection is quicker than another. As you are using android, please check for any apps that might conflict with the Ring app. If this concern persists, the best next step will be to remove and reinstall the Ring app on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hello @Marley_Ring
So it may not be an issue with the MyQ tile.
Since you mentioned VPN, I have Google Fi as my cell provider. The service uses VPN for security and network enhancement and is always active (WiFi and cellular).

I turned it off temporarily and the dashboard seems to load fine (WiFi and cellular). When I turn the Google Fi vpn back on then the dashboard starts having issues.

Is this something that can be looked into by Ring? I don’t want to turn off the Google Fi VPN because it’s supposed to enhance my service.

Thank you for the update on this, @JetRocket11! Due to the technical issues that VPNs can cause, and to maintain reliable performance and a seamless experience for our customers, we no longer support the use of VPNs.

Additionally, our security systems block IP addresses used to exploit or attack our systems and occasionally VPN IP addresses fall into that category.

At Ring we value your security and privacy. We are continually working to make our devices and services more useful and secure for our users, and are actively developing new security features and capabilities. Feel free to check out our help center article about VPN for more information.


How is Ring app going to function when VPN starts becoming common and packaged into cell service, etc.? As mentioned, I didn’t go out and get a VPN app. It’s something that is part of GoogleFI which is who I use for my cell provider. I am sure this will become more widely used and adopted by other providers as well. I think Ring needs to address this.

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