Ring app crashes on Windows 10

I installed Ring app from Microsoft store today. My windows 10 version is 1709. I was only able to enter one digit of the 6 digits sign-in code. We uninstalled, cleaned up recycle bin, shut down, start windows, reinstall, etc. multiple times and the app still crashes after the first digit. Disconnected to VPN while performing these tasks. Any suggestions?

Hey @arlo. It seems you may have an outdated versions of Windows, which is why you’re running into this error. Are you able to update your Windows version and see if this helps? Let me know! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Chelsea. Unfortunately, I am unable to update Windows. What other option do I have?

@arlo No worries, our team is looking into this issue that neighbors with Windows 1709 are unable to enter in the 2SV code, with the work around for now being to update Windows while we work on making the app compatible. In addition, I will note that it seems like Windows 1709 will be deprecated in October of this year, just so you know. We are trying fix this concern our neighbors are having, but just know that the app may in turn later be incompatible come October/November. I’ll ensure I keep you posted on the status of this when we have a fix available if you’d like! :slight_smile:

Yes, please let me know when a solution is available. Thank you.

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