Ring App Crashes on new iPhone 14 Pro Max

I just got a new iPhone 14 Pro Max and every single time I look at video - whether live or a previous event - my iPhone crashes. The screen goes black and then the Apple logo eventually appears. So the iPhone has a hard reset. I’ve tried updating to the latest software iOS 16.0.2. It did it with the previous version of software and it does it with the latest version of software. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but that didn’t work either. My wife has an iPhone 13 Pro Max (the same phone I also had) and the app functions perfectly on her phone. Given that I’ve updated software and deleted the app and reinstalled it and none of this has worked, I think the devs need to figure out what’s breaking this app on the new iPhone.

Hi @jimmcnab. Which version of the Ring app are you on? If you have another smartphone or tablet available, can you record a short video showing that your iPhone is resetting when you try to activate a Live View or view a previous event? I’d like to check with my teams on this. and having a short video to show them what’s happening would be helpful.