Ring app crashes during Live View and Kevo Lock nearby

With the latest version of the app (5.34.0), every time I bring up Live View, the app crashes on iOS (14.4) within the first 10 seconds of motion. Every time.

I saw mention of folks having the same issues with Bluetooth headsets, but I wasn’t wearing one. BUT, I do have a Baldwin lock with Kevo bluetooth smart lock on the door next to the Ring Doorbell Pro. This happens every time.

So, I disabled the Kevo by pulling out the battery pack, and sure enough, the app no longer crashes.

As soon as I put the battery pack back into the Kevo lock, and brought up Live View, the app crashed. Consistently.

So, the question is now, is the Ring Doorbell Pro compatible with a Kevo lock in the vicinity? It appears not in my case.

Note: I also have a Kevo Plus remote device plugged into my router, but I haven’t tested it with that off.

Any ideas or similar behavior from folks?