Ring app connection issue

My dashboard is not working and my mode settings are no longer showing on my ring iOS app. All my ring devices are working fine. The message suggests try again but this doesn’t work.

Try logging out of the app and logging back in

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I’ve logged out and logged back in. It shows “we couldn’t load your ring dashboard “

Is there anyone from Ring that can help please. I’m hoping that the app can be recovered and the dashboard might work again

Hey @andrewmillner. Are you able to tap the X button at the top right to remove this message? This message tends to pop up if your phone has a weak connection to the Ring app. I notice when I am connected to a wifi network that other people are using, I can get this message as it is a temporary lapse in the connection. In addition, please try loading the app with your wifi off and just using mobile data and let me know how that goes!