Ring App appearing to show operating correctly during WIFi outage

Has anyone had any experience of having a power cut shutting off the WiFi and the APP appearing to show that it has been recording and there aren’t any events yet I know people have visited the house?


Hi @user14938. If your Ring Doorbell or Camera is not connected to a wifi network, it will not detect motion and record any events. Nothing would show up in your Event History as it cannot record and store video while it’s offline. If you’ve had your Ring app open for awhile, you may need to force close the app and reopen it.

Thank you! Previously I knew when this happened as it went black on the history but now it still appears to be working on the history even though as you say, it doesn’t detect anything.

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Is there a way then to review the history and see if there is a power outage or disruption that would cause it to not detect? As I say previously it would just be a black screen/view but but it rolls on as if it’s working fine.

Hi @user14938. You can check the Device Health menu in the Ring app for information like the last health check.

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