Ring app 5.53.2, ring chimes crashes app

There is a bug in ring app version 5.53.1. When I click the linked chimes, the app crashes and closes. Therefore, I can no longer assign or make changes to the chime for my doorbells. I know it’s not specific to my Iphone because my wife has the same issue on her Iphone so I believe it’s the latest app update.
Does anyone else have this issue?

Update. Ring app updated to 5.53.2 and the bug is still there! Very frustrating.

Update 2: it’s been 2 weeks since I posted this bug and Ring has not fixed it.

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I tested it for you and have the same issue. Doorbell Pro v1 if it’s relevant. Tapping the Linked Chimes tile crashes the Ring app, closing it completely.

Also on 5.53.1 running iOS 15.6.1 - iPhone SE.

Tested on Android 3.53.1 as well and can’t reproduce the problem.

Thank you! I was going crazy trying to delete cache and reinstalling the software multiple times with no luck. I hope Ring fixes this bug quickly.

Same issue here. Selecting “Linked Devices”, “Linked Chimes”, or “Chime Alerts” crashes the Ring app. Using version 5.53.2 on iOS 15.6.1. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app did not resolve the issue. I hope Ring fixes the issue soon - it’s been broken for over a week now.

Same issue here. When I click on the linked chime tile, the whole ring app crashes. Hope they fix the bug soon. So frustrating

Hi neighbors. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. If you are experiencing this concern, I suggest reaching out to our support team so they can look into this for you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I am also experiencing this issue using an iPhone 13 Pro Max with iOS 16.0. I even deleted the ring app and data and downloaded it again from the App Store but that still did not solve the issue.

Also, the generic response from Ring telling us to contact them is not helpful. If you (Ring) have a solution either fix the app or post the solution in this forum. I’m not waisting a half hour or more on the phone going through basic troubleshooting steps that I’ve already taken.

Just adding I’ve been having this issue for a while. Also on Ring app 5.53.2. iPhone 12 and iPad Air with latest software versions. Can’t look at any linked devices for any device since the app crashes.