Ring App 3.22.1 Android Camera Tiles bugt

I just received version 3.22.1 from the Google Play Store. After updating to this version, my camera thumbnail tiles on my Ring home screen no longer retain their order. They instead default to my doorbell first, then my security cameras listed alphabetically based on what I’ve named them.

I have 5 cameras, which I kept arranged in a specific view on my Ring home screen. I can still arrange/reorder them, but the next time the app is opened that order is lost.

Regardless how I arrange the camera thumbnail tiles, after closing/reopening the app, they auto arrange to:

Front Door (DB Pro)

Back Porch ( Wired Spotlight)

Back Yard (Floodlight)

Driveway (Wired SuC)

Indoor Cam

I have the Ring app installed on all of my Android devices, and the problem exists on all of them after this update. Uninstalling/reinstalling did not correct the issue.

Not a life/death problem no, but it would be nice to again first see what we the user deems relevant upon opening the app rather than defaulting to alphabetical order.


Same issue, since the upgrade.

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Sorry to hear that you are having trouble reordering tiles in the Ring app, neighbors! Rest assured that our team is investigating this. Feel free to share any observations or details that might be helpful to other neighbors. Even though it is occurring on multiple devices for some neighbors, removing and reinstalling the Ring app is always a great step! We will of course keep you updated, and appreciate your patience. :slight_smile:


Funny, fixed the date issue and broke the tiles… Does anyone test these?

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i have 3.22.1 - with android 10 UI 2… Since that i have my phone freeze if you open live view or if you interject a notification on motion. Which means wired or wireless cameras no longer display video streams. You can only view past recorded streams. Which defeats the object.

Most concerning item is what i was sent today -



Thanks for the reply and update. Yes, I’ve reinstalled the app. There’s chatter of others having this same problem within the Ring (user-owned) Facebook groups as well.

It’s annoying, but there’s definitely worse things that could be messed up for sure.

Thanks again and look forward to the app update.

I also have the same issue very annoying

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Same problem here on Galaxy Note 8. Reloading app dosen’t work.


They know about it. I’m guessing next update. Maybe a month. It took that long to fix the date bug. That update broke this.


Cant order Tiles anymore too. Why dont you fix this?

Android 10

Pixel 4


Same problem here. My dashboard is all cattywampus. Was all good in the neighborhood until the update. Please get us a fix in the next update.

Om my Galaxys10+ Android App the Ring App Dashboard preview tiles do not stay repositioned after I move them. They will stay if I remain on the Dashboard screen but as soon as I get out of it and go back they are back to the original positions again. The do stay moved on my Ipad’s IOS app though, so this seems to be just an issue with the Android app.

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Yes, it’s an Android only issue it seems. It’s been reported. It was broken on the last update of the app. Hopefully the next one will correct it.

I also have the same issue.

This is BOGUS…mines broke also.

I have an issue that my app is not reporting any motion with my floodlight cameras. When I check the app, there is nothing in the history for the cameras but I can see the history of motion for the doorbell, this is really frustrating. I have removed and reinstalled the app but no help. I am running on Android 9 and have he latest version of ring app which came over the weekend.
The work around is to go to the individual cameras and toggle notifications off then back to on and it works for a day and then goes back to its old ways

Received app update 3.22.3 tonight but this bug is still not corrected after the update. This is the 2nd update since the problem was introduced in 3.22.1


I may have found a quick fix till they fix the bug in an update.

I found if you rename your cameras in alphabetical order they stay put

Mine was driveway backyard and shed but the back yard and driveway kept switching positions so I renamed my driveway “A. Driveway” and that fixed it

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I received an update to the Ring app this morning to v.3.23.0.

This has fixed the issue. Camera tile order is now preserved after closing/re-opening the app.


Now the new bug is dead battery icon on cams that don’t even have the OPTIONAL battery…if battery is OPTIONAL why is there a constant dead battery icon on these cams. How do we turn that OFF without being forced to buy these batteries we don’t want??