Ring Android app (v3.18.0) glitches w Google Map (or Waze) and Google Play Music

Hi, I’m a new Ring user. After start using it I have noticed quite a few of bugs.

I’m using the latest Ring Android app (v3.18.0). Let’s say if I’m drinving, having both my “Google map” Android app running AND the “Google Play Music” running, then suddenly I got a Ring notification informing that someone is at my driveway, then if I choose to see the event live (switching to Ring Android app), my “Google map” or “Google play music” app will stop playing. automatically. If I close Ring app, and start playing the “Google play music” again, then suddenly the music quality will drop dramatically (like dropping from 320kbps to 64 or 32kbps or something). This is very easy to reproduce. Please fix this bug ASAP! Thanks!

Thank you for this feedback, we have shared it with the team! Curious if this happens with different apps as well. If you open a YouTube video or face time stream, while these Google apps are in operation, is the outcome the same? Also, is this with using bluetooth or does it happen with bluetooth off as well?

I have Ring App ver 3.19.2 on Android 9 Samsung Galaxy S9 and find that I cannot stream music from Google Play Music or Spotify and view live from Ring doorbell. This is with bluetooth on or off.

This is because live view takes control of the speaker as intended. It comes up as a phone call on mine. I can hear and talk. Once I back out my music resumes.