Ring Android App on LG G4 Freezes

On the app for the ring chime pro, when I select chime tones, the app freezes. No list of available tones is shown and nothing on the page responds (including the back button). After as much as 10 minutes the list appears and the page becomes responsive. Clicking on the button to update leaves it hung in the “updating device” state (although it does look like the update succeeded). The only was out then is to kill the app and restart it.

I spend a long time talking over the phone with ring support, who were unable to resolve this problem.

Hey @nestorpersist, thank you for bringing this up! I will make sure to pass this on to the appropriate team for you. In the meanwhile, have you tried removing the app and reinstalling it onto your phone? I’m not too sure what you’ve done with our support team, but since you’ve already been in contact with them, I recommend to keep posted with them in case this is still ongoing.

Yes tried reinstall and multiple phone restarts. Did not help. Also had same problem on a second different G4.

Just out of curiousity, do you have any of these apps installed?


The only conflicting app on my phone is lookout wich is preinstalled by T-Mobile. Given this it can not be uninstalled. Instead I was able to disable it. This did not fix the ring app problem.