Ring Android App battery level notification sound is a problem!

I’ve started receiving push notifications from the Android app about my devices’ battery level. Only problem is, they sound that goes with them is the same as when someone rings my doorbell. This wold be seriously annoying on its own, but worse is that my dog barks when he thinks the doorbell is being rung. Now he barks when I’m notified about the battery level! Really terrible if I’m on a conference call for work.

In the app, there seems to be no way to disable this battery level notification independent of other desirable ones such as someone actually ringing the bell, nor can I specify a different sound. Is there a way to do something about this I haven’t found? It’s such an issue I may have to stop using the doorbell.

Hey @DinosaurDude. Thank you for detailing your feedback and how this feature has been for you here. Rest assured we got this feedback from other neighbors as well and have escalated this to the appropriate teams to work out a solution, whether that is changing the tone or allowing neighbors a way to disable it. We hope to refine this more and bring this update soon, so please stayed tuned for that! I will ensure I pass on your feedback to that team that is working on it as well. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, it happened again today and my wife is ready to kill me and the doorbell, so the update can’t happen soon enough!

Thanks again!