ring alexa live stream

In Australia. Just set up door 2 with alexa show. Live stream automatically was shown when door bell pressed.

Now no longer works. You need to voice command it. Amazon said ring updated the version to stop the live feed recently. Why is that?

So much easier for the video to show straight away when the door bell has been pressed rather than use a voice command.

Is this feature coming back. Why was it taken out for Australian users?

Hey @Lanein. You should still have this feature on your Alexa device! Please note that the Live View will only automatically show up when you have the setting enabled, as well as this is only for Doorbell presses, and not Motion alerts. Motion alerts will still require you to ask Alexa to show you who is at the front door. If you are unable to have the Live View automatically show up when the Doorbell is pressed, please ensure you are able to trigger a Live View through the Ring app. If you’re having troubles pulling up the Live View, please check out our Community post here.

In the event you still cannot get the Live View to automatically pull up on Alexa from a Doorbell press but the Ring app is just fine, please try removing the Ring skill and readding the skill after the fact to see if Alexa can work from there. You may need to ensure you have the devices as discovered and showing in the Alexa app in order to ensure you can pull up the Live View from your show. :slight_smile:

Yes I have removed the skill many times. Re added. Connected. Enabled notifications. Installed latest firmware. Alexa will show the live view with spoken word only.

Alexa app has door connected in devices
Announcements on door press on
Announcements on alexa on
Communication on alexa on
Dnd off
Live view and ring notifications in ring app turned on

This worked the first few days then stopped. As mentioned amazon told me ring updated the app and removed this feature recently?

@Lanein Thank you so much for trying this just to confirm that it’s still persisting for you. After reaching out to the appropriate teams, I was told that there was a recent bug with the Ring Skill and Amazon Alexa for our AU neighbors and they have removed this ability while they work on a fix for it. Thank you for pointing this out to us so we could track this down for you. I’ll make sure to update you here when we have a better ETA of this fix of when it is fixed officially. :slight_smile: