'Ring Alerts' not set on the app for video doorbell 4

Ive just set up my video ring doorbell 4. In the app for the device there are 4 settings (ring alerts/motion detection/motion alerts /motion warning).

‘Motion detection’ is turned on and im trying to slide it to turn on ‘ring alerts’ - but it is not allowing me to do it.

help please

Hi @CCRing. What type of phone do you have and what version of the Ring app is installed? What is the RSSI for your Ring Doorbell 4? Have you tried enabling this feature on a different phone? Thanks, neighbor!

Hi Tom

I have iphone 12 mini
version looks to be 5.54.1 - does that sound right?
RSSI is 62


@Tom_Ring can you please help with the above?
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @CCRing. Thanks for that information. You should be able to enable this feature. Can you share a screen recording or screenshot of what happens when you try to turn on Ring Alerts? I’ll then take this information to my team and see if we can figure this out. Thanks neighbor!

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Thanks Tom

Highlighted in red “Ring Alerts” - i’m unable to turn it on. Literally nothing happens, it won’t allow me to drag it.


Hi @CCRing. Thanks for the screenshot. I suggest checking your iPhones settings. You’ll want to toggle off all of the Ring app permissions and then reenable them. Once you’ve ensured that the notification settings are enabled, try to turn on the Ring alerts. If you’ve tried this to no avail, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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