Ring alerted for movement but didn’t record

My Ring doorbell pro alerted me to someone at my front door, and I could see them trying to steal my door bell through the window, but it didn’t record the event! I have an active subscription and it normally records these events to the cloud, including other events today. Can anyone help?

Same. Last recording was an hour ago. Unsure if there are issues right now but hopefully we get the recordings back.

Hi neighbors! On Jun 4, 21:43 UTC, an issue allowed devices to connect to live video but recordings would not show up in the event history and timeline. As of Jun 4, 22:16 UTC, the team is continuing to monitor for any further concerns after a fix was implemented, although some recordings during 1:05PM and 2:55PM PDT may still not be available. You can always check the status of Ring at https://status.ring.com/ whenever you notice any concerns with your devices. :slight_smile: