Ring Alert Notification - Motion at your home

Can anyone answer this…I get an alert on my phone that there is motion at my house. I go into the app or simply click the notification and it will say Activating Device. It says this for a while too. If someone was really at my house up to no good, I wouldn’t see them right away. Even when I tap “Go Live” there is a long delay with that as well. My question is why is it taking so long before I see something? I do see it say processessing. I also noticed a delay when someone actually rang the doorbell. I heard the doorbell chime in my house before I got the alert on my phone. My WiFi signal is strong. I am just wondering why I am getting these delays.


Are you at work and using WiFi?

@Eagle328 wrote:
Are you at work and using WiFi?

Yes and No. I usually notice the delay when i am out and about not using Wifi. Do you think that could be the issue for the delay?

At my job the internet has a filter that blocks Ring unless I use a VPN. Then it’s fine. But my live views come up in seconds on a cell using data or wifi with VPN.
There is also a new app called Rapid Ring that is a bit quicker to view cams.
I’ve found that the best way to get all my devices to work good is a strong connection at home. I have a few chime pros. And an alarm extender as well. I hope this helps, everyone has different setups and houses so it’s hard to say what will work with different people.