Ring Alarm won’t recover from Cellular backup without manual intervention

Same issue we lost connection to wifi in the early morning when work was being done. 10 hours later it still didn’t reconnect. Which has happened more then once. When it is loosing connection it will not reconnect. Not without being in front of system and pushing the button on the base station.

Same issue, called support and they just want to reset over and over, but it happens whenever the wifi goes out- maintenance,
moving a switch, moving an AP, power outage…doesn’tmatter why …why isn’t it fixed?

June 13, 2021…Ring Base Station STILL will not connect to WiFi without physical intervention. This is common knowledge and available for anyone on the internet. If someone nefarious is looking for a weakness in a security system, they’ve just found it. Can you imagine the lawsuit against Ring if something bad were to happen under this software bug that has been left unanswered? As of today, this thread is15 months old with no fix. Ring was acquired by Amazon, which means they clearly have the staff of engineers capable to fixing this problem quickly and easily. The response that they are busy with COVID-19 response is a legal side-step.

Class-action lawsuit anyone?

Just another Me Too! This is insane you have to hard reset your device when WiFi blips out. My alarm is mounted on a wall - yes, that’s my fault not Ring’s, but climbing up each time to hard reset is crazy.

Ring, why won’t you address this? Why pretend this bug doesn’t exist.

Yes, and they told me… drumroll please… Reset the Ring alarm.

Just confirming what a pain in the a** this problem is. I installed my system a couple of days before going on vacation. A few days after leaving, the base went offline (and is probably the cause of the camera becoming inaccessible). I can see from my router that both are connected to my wifi network, but they are effectively useless.

I rebooted my router a few times, with no effect. From thousands of miles away, I have no ability to press the base reset button or connect it with an Ethernet cable. Unlike some others here, I was lucky to have my system come back online after only twelve+ hours.

Honestly, a security system that goes offline and can’t restore its functionality when both power and internet are available has a major flaw. This problem isn’t new or unknown, it just needs to be fixed quickly. It seems to me to be a reasonable expectation from users who have spent hundreds of dollars on this equipment and many are paying for remote monitoring on top of that.

Just had this happen after a couple years of having this system. Said “cellular backup” but I could see all the cameras and got notifications. Weird. Usually doesn’t happen that way. Anyway, tried unplugging base station first. Still in cellular with button " connect to another network". Tapped that, paired again to the SAME NETWORK, and it worked. What? Ring under Amazon is the King of Denial. Just fix it.

Same issue here. Installed yesterday after picking up on prime day. I work in networks and IT…pretty fundamental for a device to flip back once connection is restored. Will move from wifi to wired and throw wireshark in to see how it’s polling. If this keeps happening the equipment really isn’t fit for purpose in my view :frowning: This would be disappointing as quality of hardware and software appears good and well thought out.

Ran some initial tests. Reboot (quick reset press) doesn’t restore wifi connection. Other devices including Ring Camera seem happy on the same SSID so it’s not a router/AP issue. Range also not an issue at AP antenna 3-4 metres away with no obstacles or EMI.

Moved to Wired connection…seems to fail over ok back from 3G so will use that as a workaround for the interim. Not ideal but workable.

Same issue here! it is amazing that it is not even acknowledge as a problem! for me the only solution is repairing. It does not reconnect to wifi even after a hard reset :(. Has anybody heard more information about this?

EDIT: my suboptimal workaround is to place station next to the router and hardwire it. That fixes the issue but not the best placement for it IMHO