Ring alarm was a life saver

Haven’t been on here in a bit. But, thanks to the Ring Keypad it saved my son’s life. We were attack at my home. Neither of us had our cellphones on us or close by. But I was able to rip the keypad off my wall and hit the panic button. Police showed up in under 10 minutes. The battery backup and it’s well built construction saved the day. Also, my Ring cams, doorbell and patio light caught the videos for police. Sadly, my outdoor cam got ripped down but it’s battery continued to work. My patio light got trashed by the people but caught most of it before it died. So, thank you Ring for working when we really needed it. Never thought this would happen but this world is going insane.
Just wanted to let others know. It really works and I’m extremely glad I had everything I did.


Hi @Eagle328! First, I am so glad to hear you are OK. I can’t imagine how this must have felt! It is also great to hear that when you needed Ring the most, Ring was there for you! Thank you for sharing your story.

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It was a horrible day but Ring did save the day. Also the police were very happy for the audio and video I gave them. My new place will have the same coverage at least, if not more. I’d post a video but it’s a bit too graphic and now there’s a case going forward. I do think my best part besides the keypad was the outside cam I had with a battery in it. They ripped the cable out of that and the patio cam. But the outside cam continued to record when they thought they disabled it. Ring for life for sure!

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Oh my gosh @Eagle328 , that is so awful and I’m so sorry to hear about what happened. I hope there was minimal harm to you or your son. But I also know what an emotional toll something like this also brings.

Yes, it’s a good thing you had the Ring Alarm systems and cameras. Again, my family and I are so sorry for you.

Thanks @Boone, were ok now. My son is still having trouble with it all. But he’s getting better since we’ve left the house. He can sleep now without waking up to check everything.