Ring Alarm Triggering erroneously

I am looking for help to understand why I have had the ring alarm go off twice when I am leaving my home and using the alarm as I normally do. In one case I had my ringer off on my phone so it ended up generating a false police dispatch. I have had this occur on two different doors using two different keypads in the past few months, and I can’t figure out why this is happening. I’ve had the ring alarm system for about 1.5 years and only started having this occur recently.

When leaving my home when it is currently in Home Mode, I use the following steps:

  1. Disarm the system from a keypad and wait for the “Disarmed” chirps to complete.
  2. Using a keypad, set to Away mode, which begins the chirps and exit delay.
  3. Open a door and exit the home.
  4. Close the door.

Usually this process works normally and all is good. However, twice now following this same process the alarm has gone off a short time after closing the door. When reviewing the alarm history in the app or on the website, it doesn’t make sense. It shows an exit delaying starting while the system is disarmed, then the door opening, and then the system being changed to away mode, and then it never shows the door closing, and then triggers an alarm. It never shows the door as closed until I return home and open & close the door and disarm the system. I’ve attached a screenshot of the history that has me confused.

The first time I thought it was a fluke. Now that it happened a second time I’m trying to determine if this is a device malfuction, a bug, or if I am doing something wrong to cause this to happen

Sorry to hear about this experience @farmchild. Thank you for the image example for insight as to what is leading up to false alarms. It looks like on the most recent occasion the delay began as intended and then arming to away resulted in an immediate alarm. I recommend double checking the Entry/ Exit delays and what devices are included in those delays. Please also ensure that your Sensors and Motion Detectors are configured properly for the areas of the home, and the response you’d like. If you have a Sensor as a window, for example, the entry delay would be ignored and cause an immediate siren trigger.

As it looks like your Sensor is “Front Door” and the delay seems to trigger each time, this should not be happening. Especially randomly, if this is your daily routine. It always a good step to check Sensor proximity to the Base Station, as well as Keypad, just to ensure there is no lapse in communication due to any interferences. Please also check on your Sensor mounting to ensure it can successfully establish close, open, and tampered changes when needed, efficiently. Otherwise, check out our help center article on preventing false alarms for more tips. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

The entry and exit delays for all modes are set to 30 seconds. Home mode includes monitoring only 3 door sensors, whereas my away mode also includes 3 motion sensors in addition to those doors. Two of those doors are set to “Main Door” types and one is set to “Secondary Door”. The two that are set to “Main Door” options include the Front Door listed in my screenshot, and they are the two that have triggered this false alarm recently. I never arm the system and leave the “Secondary Door”. I do not have any set to “Window”.

Both of the sensors that have triggered the false alarms have a keypad right beside them, and one is approximately 25 feet from the Base Station, and the other is approximately 30 feet. The one that is 30 feet away does have a wall or two betwen them as well. I do notice from time to time that when entering the home and disarming on one of these keypads that it can take 5-6 seconds for it to finally disarm and for me to hear the “disarmed” alert on the keypads - is that normal or does that mean I have communication issues beteween the keypaids and the base station?

I have tested the sensors while disarmed and they seem to work fine as I open and close them.

Thank you for the quick follow up on this, @farmchild! Your description of the communication time between the Keypad and your Base Station certainly sounds like a delay in connection. When arming your Alarm, whether via the Ring app or Keypad, it should be reasonably quick! Of course, the system must check for any Sensors needing bypassed and other variables, but for the most part should be instantaneous in initiating the Entry/ Exit delay.

As this concern seems to happen sporadically, it’s going to be a little difficult to test accurately. If it is easily obtainable, try moving one of the Keypads and a Contact Sensor near the Base Station and test several arm/ disarm flows to see if this concern persists.

If the Sensors are well mounted, or as an easy step to try first, if your Base Station is connected via wifi, maybe ethernet will provide a stronger communication. This will help in case the Base Station is responsible for the delay variable. As a preliminary check, the signal strength of your Base Station can be checked in the Ring app by visiting the Base Station, tapping the settings cog (top right), and selecting Network Settings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

From looking at your event history it seems like you have the motion detector detecting your motion. You might need to set it to a 30 second delay as well and change it to Entryway. This should stop the alarm from going off. Hope this helps.

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