Ring Alarm System - Gen 2

Good Evening,

I am keen to purchase a Ring Alarm System Generation 2. The primary reason is that the device will intergrate with my existing Ring products.

Does anyone have an estimated date on when the Ring alarm system will be available in Australia?

I would like to know this also, I am in Iceland and would really like the gen2 system.

Isn’t it already available? I have it installed already. I am currently using the ring alarm gen 2 - 8 piece kit with a free Amazon Show 5 and Ring indoor cam. I have it set up to a ring doorbell and 2 other stick up cams as well as 2 schlage connect door locks.

I’m really hoping this base station will open up the zigbee connectivity for zigbee smart bulbs!

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I can’t wait to get ring alarm 2nd gen

still not available on Amazon

I have couple devices ring and I want to get alarm now

Hey neighbors! While I don’t have any news to share on an Australian release of the Ring Alarm system, I can let you know that Ring Alarm Gen 1 is available in Iceland through our website here. I’d recommend keeping an eye out on the News and Announcements board for any new product releases or updates. :slight_smile:

Hi do you still don’t know when will be available 2 gen alarm set for EU , i dont want first gen please dont offer for me

amazon is most of handy for me

can i get from US Amazon ? and will be work on Ireland ?

im home ireland

Hey there, @Gerard197. While the US and European versions of Ring Alarm share a similar design, we have applied several changes to our European offering, based on customer feedback and regional regulations. We are committed to bringing the sleek new design of accessories like Contact Sensors to Europe at a later date. Feel free to keep an eye on the Community for updates! :slight_smile: