Ring Alarm System Australian Availability

So, Amazon (Ring’s Parent Company),

When are you going to get over losing your little legal spat with Australian alarm system company “ADT”…

Ring blocked from Selling security system in Australia by ADT

…and release the Ring Alarm System in Australia??? I refuse to believe this is a frequency issue, and if it is, can’t believe the potential sales aren’t worth re-engineering the hardware to remove the applicable Intellectual Property in a new version?! I reckon there’s a bit of legal territorialism you’re up against that you refuse to admit to, and continue to lose customers for (I’ll not be replacing my existing cameras once they fail for example, making the alarm system available in Australia could change that).

And if you’re never going to sell it here, at least tell your other customers the truth. I note plenty of your other customers have asked this question previously and all you’ve said is keep an eye out on ring.com… 4 years ago, 3 years ago, 2 years ago…

What’s the answer?


I also am looking to try to use the RING ALARM system but will source from overseas but would love to be able to purcahse and have all the bells and whistles that local purchase would entail. The main reason to keep to RING is that our family is familiar with the Camera’s and door bells and it is easier than trying to get everyone over to a new system.