Ring Alarm Smoke/CO listener for EU


Ring Alarm newly launched in Sweden. Unfortunately not the 2nd generation products and other products such as the Ring Alarm Smoke/CO listener.

Do anybody know when the Smoke Listener will be launched in EU?

Could it be possible to use the US-model (4SS1S8-0EN0) with EU basestation?


Hi @Ring-Sweden! As our U.S. support devices are designed specifically to the regions regulations and compliance, the same will go for Alarm devices intended for other regions, such as the Base Station. At this time there is no ETA of when and if it will be released. Keep an eye on the News and Announcements board for updates! :slight_smile:


The basestation and alarm is available for EU-countries. I know that the Smoke listener is not yet available.

However my questions is if the US-model of the Smoke listener will be able to work with the EU brought alarm kit? If not, why?

Hi @Ring-Sweden! As the Base Station for the US and UK versions have a difference in z-wave frequency, a device intended for use with the US Base Station will not work the UK alarm. Thus, we do not recommend using the US device with the UK alarm.