Ring Alarm Smoke and Co Listeners and Flood and Freeze Sensor

Fairly new to Ring and still have a few window and door detectors to stick up. I’m in northwest Georgia. Does anyone have the detectors you use with your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms? How do you like that type of unit? I have a 3 story house so assume I would need the signal booster (forget what they call it). Also does anyone have the water leak detector? Thanks!

Hi @Dr_Anne. I have both the Smoke and CO Listener and the Flood and Freeze sensor. The Smoke and CO Listeners work well when installed properly. I first installed them too far from the Smoke alarm and was unable to configure them until I repositioned them. The Flood and Freeze sensor also works well. I’ve only tested the “Flood” portion of the sensor by spilling some water on my water heater drip tray. I have a split level home with a basement, so the Range Extenders are placed throughout with no signal issues. I hope this helps!