Ring Alarm siren activation time

Hi, when my Ring Alarm siren activates, how long will the siren sound before silences if I don’t silence it myself? I had a false activation yesterday when I was away, but did not notice the activation alert on my phone, until around 25 mins later. Looking at the log, the siren sounded for 10mins, silenced itself, then started again 5 mins later. So my 2 questions,

  1. how can i shorten the length of time the siren sounds, 10mins is too long as this is in an apartment building. I want to be able to reduce the siren time.
  2. I need to be able to control the siren volume. Is this possible?

For context, I’ve no idea why the motion sensor in my lounge activated the alarm, there was no motion (i have a Ring Cam installed in the lounge also) The motion settings were set to Medium, I’ve subsequently changed it to Low. Hopefully the false alarm will not reoccur.

Hi @mikehib. Whenever the Ring Alarm is triggered, the siren on the Base Station will sound for 10 minutes before it is automatically silenced. The system will still need to be disarmed, though. The siren duration and volume are not able to be adjusted at this time, but feel free to share this feedback on our Feature Request board.

As for the false alarm, ensure that your Motion Detector is not facing any windows, reflective surfaces, or sources of heat. These can cause a false motion alert to trigger the Motion Detector, in turn causing the false alarm. You can find more placement tips in our Help Center Article here. I hope this information is helpful! :slight_smile: