Ring Alarm Sensors for Automation

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I’m interested in buying the Ring alarm. I currently have a ring doorbell and I would like to add additional external cameras, internal cameras and the alarm to secure my home inside and out.

I currently have a number of smart home proucts such as a smartthings hub, philips hue, a number of echo devices and I use Alexa as my voice assitant.

Can I use the ring alarm and ring alarm assesories such as motion sensor, the door and window sensors as part of my smart home outwith the ring alarm uses?

For instance, can I use the motion sensor to activate lights or use the door sensor to trigger a routine?

The ring alarm would be a welcome addition to my set up although I don’t want to have multiple sensors in rooms and on doors and windows. Ring is owned by Amazon so I assumed that this would be an available feature. However I cant find any information on this.

Also any information on compatible smart home fire and co detectors that work with the ring alarm in the UK would be useful at this stage.



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Ring doesn’t have this feature yet. But I use a 3rd party app called simplecommands. It lets me set routines and triggers with the door sensors and motion detectors.


At this point, Ring products integrate with some Amazon devices like Echos. They also support a few Z-Wave based devices.

There are some 3rd party integrations like simplecommands or homebridge (to integrate with Apple HomeKit) however, you should be careful with any of these integrations, as most require you to supply your Ring account email and password in a plain text file, which could be easily exploited.

Not sure what is available in the UK. On this side of the pond, Ring has listeners devices that can hear existing smoke or CO sirens. Echo devices can be used in a similar way with Alexa Guard. And First Alert has Z-Wave smoke/co detectors that are authorized by Ring to be used as part of the alarm system.

Hope this helps.

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You mentioned that Ring Alarm can integrate with Echo devices. Please provide some dteails on how to do this… Thanks

If you have the Ring Alarm and Door Sensors paired with it and the you have the Ring Alexa skill then your Ring Door Sensors will be available within Alexa Routines as trigger actions so you would then be able to get Alexa to turn on lights etc when a door opens and then turn it off (if required) when door is closed. I have just tested this and it works.

The Ring Motion Sensor also works in the same way.

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For instance, can I use the motion sensor to activate lights or use the door sensor to trigger a routine?

Yes it works with 3rd party devices in Alexa. I am currently using that feature with LEPro lights, as in if Ring Camera detects motion at night turn this light on, etc. Can easily setup routines as long as all devices are compatible with Alexa.

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