Ring Alarm Sensor Sticky Padding?


I have a few sensors which are now low battery and require replacing, due to the placements, I am going to have to pull them off the wall. Is there a replacement sticky padding for the back that can be purchased? Has anyone removed the back sticky padding easily to replace it?


Hi @Makkie. You can review our Help Center page here to see how to change the batteries in your Contact Sensors without having to pull the whole device off. We currently do not have replacement sticky padding for sale on Ring.com. You can check out this Community thread here to see what other neighbors have tried and used when having to replace the sticky padding. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your reply Justin. I am referring to the motion sensors (2nd gen). As they are placed close to the ceiling, I cannot open them without having to pull them off.


Hi @Makkie. The Motion Detector would be similar to the Contact Sensor as far as what type of double-sided tape we and others have recommended, except you would be applying two strips of the tape rather than one. To remove the original sticky pads on the mounting brackets, you can use a heat gun or blow dryer to heat the sticky pads enough to loosen them enough to peel off. As for installation, I would place the Detectors a few inches lower to allow you to slide them off the bracket for future battery replacements. I hope this helps.