Ring - Alarm Security and alzheimers patient

Ring - Alarm Security Kit for use in a home with an alzheimers patient. Just bought today and wondering how to make a loud alarm if door is opened at night. Any other advice is also welcome. Trying to figure this thing out to keep my mom safe.

In Ring, whatever sensor is on that door must be “watched” in either/both Home or Away and then the system set in that mode. When the door is opened the alarm will sound. In your case probably just add that sensor to home mode and arm in home mode at night.

A kinder solution would be a routine with an echo dot. Set the routine to do something when the door is open. Make a loud noise or say something like “Mom is wandering around.” You can have multiple actions in the routine, send email, turn on light, notify your phone etc.

This will work whether Ring is armed or not.

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Thank you. That is a great idea. I am still trying to figure this all out and was concerned that there wasn’t an alarm that would wake us during the night. If I put Alexa in the bedroom that may work. Thank you!

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