Ring Alarm - Second owner

Good morning all.

We recently bought a house and the previous owners left their ring alarm, keypad, motion sensors and contact sensors. I’ve been able to install the ring alarm base device and connect it to WiFi, but I’m unable to setup any of the contact sensors or keypad etc. I’ve followed the instructions (remove battery/plug in keypad etc) but it’s not registering in the app. Any ideas on what I need to do to install all the ancillary devices?

Hi @ipavunko! Excellent work getting the Base Station setup. These other Alarm device may require a reset in order to setup as intended. As each Alarm device varies from the next in reset process, please follow the steps in our help center article to complete these resets.

As this Alarm has a previous owner, it is likely that these Alarm devices were left paired with the Base Station. If the resets did not resolve this concern, try removing each device from the Base Station. Here are our instructions on removing an Alarm Contact Sensor. These steps can be applied to the other Alarm devices as the steps are similar for each. Once complete, your Alarm devices should successfully setup and communicate with your Base Station. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: