Ring Alarm -- Retrofit or No?

I’ve been a longitme Slomin’s customer and I have some ring products. I’ve already decided to get the ring alarm.

My question is this: do I get the retrofit kit or start from scratch?
I’m that I may only have one wired sensor (not sure) and I understand the wireless ones from my old system won’t work. Nor will the fire alarm piece. So why should I even bother?

But what if I start from scratch and ignore my old wired system – how do I shut it down and deal with the old wires, etc? I’m not a do-it-yourselfer - I read about how to actually shut the alarm down, but what about all of the wiring. How do I deal? Electrician?

Hi there, @jweisler! While we are unable to make suggestions when it comes to electrical or wiring and existing Alarm systems, I can confirm that wireless sensors do not work with the Retrofit Kit. If you only have the one wired sensor, our main Alarm system should provide adequate coverage, even with eliminating that leftover sensor you have.

If it helps, here is our Community post with more info on the Retrofit Kit. Although, going with our regular Ring Alarm system would also avoid the need for an electrician. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: