Ring alarm product request

I have had trouble with burglars breaking into my backyard. I would like two products to be added to your line of sensors.

  • An outdoor motion detector
  • An outdoor beam sensor

These two products would make my home safer because they detect the burglar before they come into my house.

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They do sell motion detectors in the smart lighting section. They will alert you and can be linked to camera and other lights. But not to the alarm.

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Hey @WildAndes! As @Eagle328 stated, we offer additional motion detection devices at Ring.com. For the most efficient “Ring of security”, a combination of devices around the home, both inside and out, is the best way to go. While Smart Lighting does not link to Alarm, they both can link with your Doorbells and Cams to create a network of communication and automation. Alexa skills and routines can also be used to further optimize this experience.

Feel free to request a feature in the Community anytime, using our Feature Request threads found pinned at the top of our main product boards. We always value neighbor feedback :slight_smile: