Ring Alarm Pro with Google Fiber?

The Ring Alarm Pro is designed to replace the router, but with Google Fiber all I have is the Google Fiber and a Net Wifi with range extender.

Can I plug the Ring Alarm Pro into the Nest for internet and forego the eero Wi-Fi 6 router and retain my existing network? Does the Ring Alarm Pro actually require the eero Wi-Fi 6 router to function?

I am looking at the Pro over the prior versions because it can save video locally so I’ll need the Pro for this option.

I have read the installation manual, the user manual and seen several YouTube videos on the setup process and cannot find an answer to this.

Hi @riversideKid. Yes, there are some alternative configuration options for the Ring Alarm Pro. I’d recommend reviewing this Help Center article, which covers these alternative configurations and how they impact the different features the Alarm Pro provides, such as local storage via Ring Edge. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: