Ring Alarm Pro with EERO extenders

Has anyone found a way to resolve slow network speed on the Ring Alarm Pro? I’m confused where the bottleneck is with the Ring Alarm Pro base station and it’s WiFi network. Prior to installing the Ring system I had my ISP modem set in bridge mode to use my ASUS AX11000 WiFi 6 router as my gateway to connect all of my wireless devices. My ISP provides 1Gbps upload/download on a fibre network. My average speed using the ASUS router was 900 Mbps up and down. Now fast forward using the Ring system my top speed is 300 Mbps. I thought it was due to interference so I added the latest EERO 6E mesh pods as extenders but I’m still only getting 300 Mbps. I then thought it was the extenders so I disconnected them and did a network speed test standing a foot away from the Ring base station and I still only get a top speed of 300 Mbps. I did this speed test using speed test.net on an iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Pro and on my Apple TV with all 3 showing the same result. While I understand Ring advertises the ideal speed of 900 Mbps I’m not getting anything close to that. The only thing I can see as the cause is the actual Ring base station either at the software level or hardware level. What’s frustrating about this is in the Ring app both the ISP modem and Ring Alarm Pro Base Station confirm they have access to 1Gbps up/down but it’s not allowing anywhere near that speed over the built in EERO WiFi 6 network with or without the EERO extenders :roll_eyes:

I found a work around recommended by Ring. While they highly recommend setting up the Ring Alarm Pro as the Gateway router they do provide steps to add it as an extender on an existing EERo mesh network or setting up as dual NAT. The benefit of these two options is I now have full benefit of the EERO Pro 6E Tri-band mesh which is faster and more capable than the EERO 6 built into the Ring Alarm Pro. While my network speed isn’t as fast as it was with my ASUS AX11000 mesh it is faster than the Ring Alarm Pro gateway mesh set up. Download and Upload speed jumped from 300 Mbps to 600 Mbps. Still not 1Gbps but at least no more streaming issues or delayed page loads when surfing

Home security setup:

  • ISP Modem placed in bridge mode to disable built in WiFi
  • Setup EERO Pro 6E as Gateway Router hardwired via Ethernet to ISP Modem
  • Add 2 EERO Pro 6E spread out in home as WiFi extenders
  • Setup Ring Alarm Pro as extender and hardwire via Ethernet to the EERO Pro 6E Gateway Router

Thanks for sharing what steps worked for you! This may be helpful if another neighbor has similar circumstances and is wanting to do a setup like this. :slight_smile:

Very helpful! A couple of questions for the set-up as an extender:

  • Were you still able to use the Alarm Pro as backup cellular internet?
  • Were you still able to use the Alarm Pro as a Z-wave hub?