Ring Alarm Pro Wifi Issues

Have had the ring alarm pro with router for about a week now, and having wifi issues. Internet is acting slow and pages not loading on iPhone. I have 1GB speed internet so that should not be an issue. Wondering if Ring has a 100% satisfaction because really want to ask to trade for the basic ring alarm and get a better stand alone router.

Hi @Timmy2447. The Ring Alarm Pro Base Station supports speeds up to 900Mbps. This maximum wireless signal rate is derived from IEEE 802.11 standard, and assumes a wired Ethernet connection. The actual experienced speeds may vary based on your network configuration. These coverage estimates are also based on normal use conditions, and the actual range and performance can vary due to factors such as interference, connected devices, device usage, building materials, and obstructions. I’d recommend checking with your internet service provider to ensure your modem allows for the speeds in your plan. They can also make sure the firmware on the modem is fully updated.