Ring Alarm Pro - UK


I just purchased a ring alarm 2nd gen in the UK, today I learned that there is a pro version available in the US. When is that coming to the UK? is it worth upgrading? and if so, can I just purchase the base station?


At this time, the Alarm Pro is designed for use in the US. Keep an eye on Ring.com and this Community for any updates on availability in other regions. :slight_smile:

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I understand when the pro version came out in the US the $10/month or $100/yr for pro monitoring increased to $20/month for new customers. So it might be worth buying now in order to retain a cheaper monitoring service (assuming they do the same in the UK).

If the entire Alarm Pro package including sensors are purchased in the USA, will it work ok in Ireland?

Yes - but some report it operates on the same frequency as the emergency services and you will always need American ring products. So you wont be able to use next day delivery from Amazon etc or pick up a contact sensor while walking through b&q