Ring Alarm Pro - Max number of cameras

is there a limit to the number of ONVIF cameras i can add to Ring alarm Pro ?
We currently have 18 4K cameras along with 5 Ring wireless cameras around our property
Will the pro base station support them all ? They currently run H265+ protocol, but i believe i can switch them to H.264 is needed to work with the Ring PRO

Need a single app for notifications. Our NVR generates too many false notifications from trees, birds…
Still plan on keeping our NVR for long term 4K video storage, if needed


Hi @BigB1. No, there is no limit to how many ONVIF-compatible cameras you can add. While there is no maximum number of ONVIF-compatible cameras that the Ring app allows you to onboard, you may experience some issues with your recordings and video playback if a large number of cameras are onboarded.