Ring alarm pro issue

I have had the ring alarm system sense they first came out. I had connected the door locks to my system (works with ring) along with several other z-wave products. With my door locks they were programed so that when you hit the lock button on the lock it would arm the alarm system and when you punched in the door unlock code to unlock the door it would clear the alarm and put the alarm in home mode. (never had an issue) A few months ago I upgraded to the alarm pro as it had the eero system added to it. With the alarm pro I have had several issues with the alarm not disarming when I unlock the door using the door code. The alarm won’t clear itself even when entering the alarm code on the keypad causing the alarm to sound. Only way to clear is going into the app and clearing it. Called ring tech support and after several attempts they had me factory reset the the keypad. This seemed to work as no issue with the alarm for a few weeks and now I had the alarm not clearing upon unlocking the door. Just wondering if there is a flaw with the alarm pro or the keypad as both were purchased for my alarm upgrade and I never had this problem with my old ring alarm or keypad.

This could be due to Keypad connection if the Keypad is located too far from the Base Station. Other than connection, this Keypad should be working as intended especially after performing the troubleshooting steps with our support team. Here is our Help Center article on troubleshooting the Keypad further.

As you’ve worked with our team prior, the best next step will be to follow up with them for further assistance. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.