RING Alarm Pro Installation Problem

Good morning,
My first time here.

Just tried installing my Ring Alarm Pro. I can see it connected in the built-in Eero network but the Ring Alarm Pro is still showing offline.

I am not sure where to go from here.

Any help will be welcomed.



Hi @AIMA3D. Would you mind sharing screenshots of the Ring app and from the eero app showing the status of the Base Station in both? What lights do you see on your Base Station? I can offer some general troubleshooting tips to try and resolve this, but I may refer you to our support team if this concern requires more advanced support. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response.

The Base Station has a solid blue light.

Here are the two screenshots as requested.

can only upload 1 file.

Not sure if I uploaded them correctly.


Here is the other.

@AIMA3D Thanks for sharing those screenshots. There should be lights on the back of the Base Station near the power and ethernet ports that indicate the power and wifi status. What do you see for these lights?

Hi, sorry for late response as I was moving house around the time. I made a call into Ring Support and this was resolved.

Apologies for non advising…