Ring Alarm Pro IN Bridge Mode

I recently purchased the ring alarm pro which includes eero router. I understand the “benefits” of making this the first router but for a number of reasons I will not do that. One main reason is eero router does not allow a browser to config and I have a complicated set of port forwards that I will not manage /w the app on my phone.

That said, now that ring supports onvif security cameras I put my system in bridge mode as the ring alarm pro has to be on the same network as the security cameras in order to be reachable. I have 6 cameras connected via a POE switch. The issue is once I put ring pro into bridge mode 4-5 times per day the security system go into battery back up thinking the power has been disconnected and goes on cellular backup. Up to 2 min later it returns.

I called support and of course was told the ring is designed to be the primary router; again noted I will not change that. However as a test to ensure bridge mode was the issue I change eero back to a router (not the primary) and the issue went away.

Is there any reason why bridge mode would make the alarm system go into batter/cellular multiple times per day?

SolarEclipse: The ring pro comes /w the Eero router built in. I would love to not have it but its embedded in the device. And agreed there is no benefit.

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Yup… I already bought it so did not know much about it. There’s no reason the system should not work in bridge mode. An IP address is an ip address is an ip address so for the box to disconnect b/c it is in bridge mode makes zero sense.

Thanks for the feedback.

yep agree… they are forcing their products in your home … and making the choice for you… “choose us because you cant have both and we are better than your current system”

Very frustrating indeed. It’s 2022 and I already have a good amount of money invested in a well-performing home network. Being required to use THEIR router in order to take advantage of all the features I PAY for with my Alarm Pro subscription is ridiculous. Call me stubborn, but I WILL NOT be renewing if this limitation exists when my renewal date comes around. I’d rather dump the system entirely than be pigeonholed with such false requirements. I hope the folks at Ring/Amazon see this!

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