Ring Alarm Pro + Google wifi


I am recently running a couple floodlight and a few indoor cam directly on my ATT router as our house is currently being remodeled.

As the construction is near completion, I am planning on using a Google Nest wifi system (router + point) for my main internet use at home (TVs, laptop).

I just bought a Ring Alarm Pro system which I know has an eero 6 included.

I was wondering if I will be able to use that Eero 6 only for my ring cameras + alarm system and keep my main Google Nest wifi for everything else in my home in order to isolate ring to their own network and the rest on a separate network?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I couldn’t find a similar question on this forum.

Thanks in advance

Hi @geoffreyrings. It is recommended you use the Alarm Pro as a primary router in order to use all features, such as back-up internet. It is not designed to be used as a wifi extender. We also have this Help Center article here with more information regarding the Alarm Pro set up process. I hope this helps.

I’ve invested over $300 in my Nest wifi system and I’d like to keep using it as my main router for every connected devices (PC, TV, Sonos) in my home and only use the alarm pro for my ring devices. Is it not possible? If so I will return my alarm pro and just connect my cameras to the main nest wifi network

Hi @geoffreyrings. If you would like to have 2 separate WiFi systems in your house, you can certainly do that. Here are the WiFi channels that your Ring Devices use. I would keep this in mind to alleviate network congestion.

@geoffreyrings, here’s my suggestion. Connect the Ring Alarm Pro directly to your modem and then connect the Google network to an ethernet port on the Ring. Give the Ring and the Google different SSIDs. Attach your home sutomation devices to the Ring and your more secure devices to the Google.

All your devices, on the Ring and the Google will be sble to use the Rimg’s cellular backup, but the less secure home automation devices will not be able to access your computers on the Google.

I’ve found that the double NAT does not slow down the internet much.


OK…let’s roll. Snd let’s be careful out there.

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