Ring Alarm Pro for Canada

During checkout when processing my payment for my order of the Ring Alarm Pro system with additional accessories I received a pop up message that Ring Alarm Pro is not available for Canada and the cart was wiped clear. At the same time I received confirmation that my order is confirmed with Ring. If it’s not available for Canada then what date is Ring planning to make the Alarm Pro available for consumers residing in Canada? When launched in Canada will this include the option to purchase the 24/7 central monitoring with cellular backup?

As mentioned on the Ring.com Alarm Pro product page, Ring Alarm Pro is designed for use in the US and ships via ground within the U.S., at this time. Keep your eyes on Ring.com and this Community for any updates on this. :slight_smile:

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What you do mean by designed “for use in the US”?
If I buy Ring Alarm Pro in the US and take it to Canada (as Ring doesn’t ship it to Canada), it won’t work?

I orderd the ring alarm pro on the ring webside and got it delivered to Canada in a week … everything work just fine I even had cell conection over rogers as I was not conected to wifi. Now after the test days ( I bought it before I moved in to my new house in Nova Scotia) are over, I wanted to get the subscription for it.

In the service they say yes no problem just subscribe.

After I did that … it comes a massage for hat to he alarm pro can not be covert with the subscription plan …. After call technical support they told me they that it not work in Canada.

What I not realy understand … ok maybe they don’t have a cell phone provider that they can use ( as I sad before I used it in the test month but that can be just rooming ) but I don’t even need that I just wanted the 24/7 monitoring as it give for the normal dose ing alarm …

I didn’t get a real answer from hy that not works … some one has an idea and is that more a time thing to wait until they add the pro version yo the Canadian market or can it be that that never gone be happening?