Ring Alarm Pro - Built-in Eero Pro 6 or Simply a Eero 6


I currently have a well defined Eero meshed network based upon Eero Pro 6 units, and curious about upgrading my current Ring Alarm system to a Ring Alarm Pro.

I have been reading a feature online product reviews and community posts/responses but can’t seem to get a definite answer to a few questions.

First, is the built in Eero router a Eero Pro 6 or just a Eero 6? I wouldn’t want to downgrade my Gateway from a Pro 6 to just a 6.

Also, the location of my ISP ONT isn’t suitable as a location for my Alarm Base Station. Hence another reason why I would prefer avoiding having to define the Alarm Pro as also the main gateway. So exactly what features would be missing? Least I can then determine exactly how important those features are. Don’t really see or understand why it needs to be the main router. Or at least can’t appropriately interact with another Eero Gateway to still offer full functionality. Don’t want to need to start running wires throughout the house; which I why I went with the Eero meshed network to begin with.


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Hi @nejede. The Ring Alarm Pro features an Eero 6 Wifi router. To see a breakdown of what features you are getting with the Ring Alarm Pro, visit this page here. Towards the bottom of that page, you can see a side by side comparison of both Ring Alarm systems. I hope this helps.

Hello Tom,

Thanks. That helps from the standpoint of knowing what “Eero” version is built into the Ring Alarm Pro. Much appreciated.

But then I guess that now begs the questions as to exactly what “features” will be lost from the perspective of both my Eero Mesh network if I replaced my current Eero Pro 6 gateway with a Eero 6 Gateway, or (and even more important to me) from the perspective of the Ring Alarm system, if the Alarm/Eero Base Station IS NOT the gateway router?

Per Ring, "Note: We do not recommend using Ring Alarm Pro as a wifi extender for your existing router. Using your Alarm Pro as an extender will prevent you from accessing many of the Protect Pro subscription features, including 24/7 Backup Internet."

So exactly which of the Protect Pro subscription features will not be available? If it is really only the 24/7 Backup Internet feature, than I can “accept” that.

Hope my follow up questions makes sense and is clear.


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Question - can Eero 6 or Eero 6 Pro units be used as extenders while the Ring Alarm Pro stays as the router?

As I understand they can. Since the Alarm Pro is based upon a Eero 6, then you will just be using a 6 versus 6 Pro as the main gateway router. Which I have read limits the speed but I need to confirm that from Eero… They normally state that the Pro should be the main gateway, but not sure whether that is for a huge technical reason…

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Hi @nejede. For the features that will be lost from the Eero Pro 6 to the Eero 6, I suggest looking at this page here from Eero. As far as the features on the Protect Pro vs the Protect Plus, you can find that information here. Basically, If you get the Ring Alarm Pro, you’ll get the Protect Pro plan. If you have the Ring Alarm, you can continue to use the Protect Plus plan until 2025.

Personally, I think the “big difference” is the Ring Edge with Local Video Storage and Expandable External Power, along with the features you are getting from the Eero system. Both of which are highlighted in the Article I’ve shared. I hope this is helpful!

@Tom_Ring - Protect Plus no longer offers professional monitoring unless you are grandfathered. If you are a new Alarm subscriber you have no choice but to get Protect Pro, and if you have a Gen1 or Gen2 Alarm (ie non-Pro) you’re paying for internet backup and Eero Secure features that you cannot use.

Ring needed to keep a non-Pro version for Alarm with monitoring but without the extras.

Hi @su_A_ve. You are correct! Thank you for the added clarification on this. You only have the option to use Protect Plus for monitoring if you are already subscribed to this plan.

Hello Tom,

Thanks. That is all very good information… Much appreciated.

Guess the last thing that I am still not seeing or sure about is based upon what features would not be available if I have a Eero Pro 6 as my Gateway router, and a Ring Alarm Pro with Eero 6 as a the WiFi extender.

Per Ring:

Note: We do not recommend using Ring Alarm Pro as a wifi extender for your existing router. Using your Alarm Pro as an extender will prevent you from accessing many of the Protect Pro subscription features, including 24/7 Backup Internet.

So, minus the 24/7 backup Internet (that I can do without to maintain my Eero Pro 6 as a Gateway), exactly what other “Protect Pro subscription features” will I have to forgo?

Knowing tbag I can better make and educated decision as to what path makes most sense for me. All I’m really seeking is the Ring Edge with Local Video Storage and eero Secure.

So if those features aren’t dependent on the Alarm Pro being the main Gateway, then an upgrades seems to be in my near future.


Hi, I will purchase a RING alarm shortly. Currently I have COX High speed internet with a COX WIFI Router box. As the Wifi was not strong in various parts of the house I installed a DECO Mesh system which works great for connectivity. I’m not sure how the alarm pro with EERO 6 works, specifically: The Mesh uses one of the 4 Ethernet ports from the COX Wifi router.

  1. Can the DECO Mesh and EERO 6 co-exist? DECO for all 40+ non RING devices and EERO 6 just for the RING devices?

  2. How would it work? Do I plug it into a second ethernet port from the WiFi Router?

Any issues with this? Thanks

Although they ‘could’ coexist, the radios may interfere somewhat. I would be more concerned with the COX WiFi router. You would have to set up as follow:

INTERNET — Cox WiFi router (with router in bridge mode and WiFi disabled) — Ring Base Station Pro — rest of the network including Deco (with router functionality disabled).

Ideally the Ring base station could have WiFi turned off and only supply wired internet but not sure that’s an option.

The Cox WiFi, Ring Base Station Pro and Deco are all routers and you want to minimize having more than one.

Not sure if Cox is cable or fiber. If you only have internet service (ie no telephone or TV) you may want to get an approved DOCSIS cable modem. If it’s fiber, you should have an ONT and you could plug the Ring base station directly to it.

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Did you ever get clarification on this? I’m wondering the same thing. I have the eero 6 plus and want to get the Alarm pro but it would be a downgrade as you stated. So I do wonder what features would be lost if it was used just as a a wifi extender

What is strange is the Ring alarm pro clearly states it gives speed up to 900Mb/s in literature, but the Eero 6 only states up to 500Mb/s.

If the Ring Alarm Pro is based on the Eero 6, why does it claim 900Mb/s when it should state up to 500Mb/s like on the Eero 6?

ALL I can think is the Ring Alarm Pro is a misprint because the ring Alarm Pro states the Eero 6 is the router and not the Pro 6(which is dumb).

We have 6 kids, 8 4K TV, 12 cameras two Xbox andon certain days we are actively using a touch over 700 Mb/s on certain days and my eero pro 6 handles it all perfectly.

If I go to the Ring Alarm pro I fear possibly that in some parts of the home if I am limited at 500MB someone is going to be lagging. This is exactly why I hardwired all the areas for dad, but the kids rely on wifi

I guess in short:

Am I downgrading my wifi system by swapping the Ring Alarm Pro and Eero pro 6 routers and leaving everything leaving as it is? I have a pro 6 router and 4 pro 6 extenders right now .

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“Ideally the Ring base station could have WiFi turned off and only supply wired internet but not sure that’s an option.”

This right here. Give me backup internet over ethernet and I’ll buy it right now. I have literally tens of thousands of dollars invested in my network infrastructure in my home, I don’t need a random access point providing internet, it’s almost useless to me.