Ring alarm outdoor siren

Today we had a power cut in my area and our outside siren went off , I pressed the code into the pad and hit disarm but this didn’t stop the siren , it eventually went off by itself but the a few hours later it happened again , does anyone know why this could be ? Do I have to reset it somehow or can the siren be silenced another way as it’s quite annoying to my neighbours even though they did come out to see what was happening but what I don’t want to happen is that they begin to ignore it if it is constantly happening … any help would be grately appreciated

Hi @shazza.davey. How is your Outdoor Siren powered, by battery, hardwired, or powered with the Plug-In Adapter? I’d recommend removing the Outdoor Siren from your Ring App and setting it back up using the steps under Set Up a Device. I’d also recommend ensuring that there are no dirt or debris in the way of its connection to whichever power supply you’re using.