Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren - Very odd design

The lack of an outdoor siren has kept me from considering the Ring house alarm as a viable option to updating my house alarm. Today I see that the Ring outdoor siren is a hexagon with the Ring name brand in its centre. Why on earth isn’t the siren round with a glowing white/blue circle in the middle? I really don’t want a hexagon with Ring written on it, on the front of my house. I would have preferred a siren design that was less obtrusive, obvious yet subtle and in keeping with the Ring style. I do hope that the siren design is reconsidered.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, @HighfieldHouse! We greatly value our neighbors’ feedback and I’ve passed this along to our teams. In the meantime, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

Good practice in the UK is to remove or cover over the ‘branding’ on your alarm box, as it gives burglars a heads up as to what the system is. They will now which systems are monitor for example or which has sensor they can easily overcome. So whilst a nice piece of duck tape will cover the ring logo, the hexagonal shape will sadly be a give away. At the end of the day ring is looking for a free advert here.

@MAinsworth This is the case sometimes but also a lot of the time the ones with no branding are the DIY versions of the systems usually installed by alarm companies and are looked on as the more likely to be poorly installed/not monitored.

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